Expertise in the Installation and Maintenance of Submarine Cables

23D are experienced in the installation of power and telecommunications cables near shore and onshore.
Specialists in working in difficult environmental conditions, remote locations and areas of specific interest.

Lifecycle Survey Capability to Support Project Installations

23D provide a range of survey services including pre and post lay, topographic
and hydrographic, DTM / XYZ Modelling of the Shore ends, ROV, diving

Marine Consultancy Services – over 60 years of Experience Gained

23D provide a complete end to end cable installation project life-cycle consultancy support from bidding, initial site survey, planning, route / landing selection, through to design, procedure preparation and review , installation , pre and post survey recording and reporting.

RHIB Hire / Cabling Handling Equipment / ROV / Land Trencher and off-road vehicles

23D can provide a range of specialist survey, rescue and workboats to support your offshore project, as well as specialist equipment and offshore personnel.


23 Degrees Renewables Ltd is a nearshore and onshore power installation contractor and marine consultancy company, specialising in HVDC / HVAC and telecom submarine cable projects across the range of industry sectors including power transmission, renewable energy and telecoms.

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Our Services

Cable Installation

23 Degrees has the personnel, experience and equipment to provide safe, quality, on budget and on time shore end cable installation services, either direct or HDD pull ins.

Nearshore Survey

23D provide a range of survey services including pre and post lay, topographic and hydrographic, DTM / XYZ Modelling of the Shore ends, ROV, diving.


Provide a complete end to end cable installation project life-cycle consultancy support.

Cable Handling and Storage

23D can provide a range of services for the movement, storage, maintenance and testing of spare / stored power and telecoms cables.

Marine Equipment Hire

23D have a range of equipment for hire including RHIBs / tractor and trencher / mobile crane / offroad vehicles / ROVs / cable accessories and cable recycling equipment.

Cable Burial and Protection

23D can provide cable burial and protection services including MFE / CFE burial, cast iron shells and concrete mattresses.

Why the name 23 Degrees

The earth is tilted at an angle of just over 23° – When a Mars-size object collided with Earth around 4.5 billion years ago, it knocked off a chunk that would become the moon. It also tilted the Earth meaning that our planet now orbits the sun at an angle of 23°, giving rise to the different seasons.

Our Projects

Please see some examples of our recent projects below


“Our project was fast-tracked and 23 Degrees fully supported and delivered to Scope of Work in line with this accelerated programme. Onsite support and communications were excellent and no issues at all. Thanks again for all the hard work.”

Martin Grindlay – Project Engineer, DeepOcean
Windfloat Atlantic, Viana Do Castelo, Portugal

Latest Company News

Under Construction – Shallow Water Tracked Trencher

Currently under construction is our Near Shore Subsea Tracked Trencher which will be deployable from the shoreline or vessel for nearshore and offshore cable burial or deburial, cable tracking, route survey. The trencher will be ready for deployment late Q1 2021, some...

23 Degrees Win Dredging Project

23 Degrees Renewables have been awarded a contract for the dredging and sediment pumping from the intake screens of a Scottish Hydro power station. The award by SSE Hydro will see 23 Degrees provide a range of equipment and personnel to clear sediment build up in...

23 Degrees Gain Prestigious Accreditations

During 2019 23 Degrees Renewables have gained a number of prestigious accreditations: • 23D have gained accreditation with CQS (Certified Quality Systems) Limited for our Management System Standards on BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality), BS EN ISO 14001: 2015...

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