Cable Pull-In Services Package

Guided by a team of seasoned industry professionals, we aim to provide a seamless and efficient journey towards offshore wind energy success with our comprehensive Cable Pull-In Services Package tailored specifically for export and inter-array cables to offshore structures.

As a leading provider in the cables and renewable energy sector, we bring unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge solutions to ensure the successful installation and integration of cables within your offshore wind farm infrastructure. Our team comprises industry experts with first hand knowledge in engineering, project management and operational management in export and inter-array
cable pull-ins.

Our installation services are backed by skilled personnel, extensive experience, and cutting-edge equipment plus the ever expanding OEG Group of companies.

  • Inter-array and export cable installation
  • Power / fibre optic / export cable repair and replacement
  • Cable stripping and routing
  • Messenger line installation
  • Piggyback clamp installation
  • Temporary hang off clamp installation
  • Mini ROV operations
  • Scrap cable disposal

Description and Features

Specialised Expertise
Our seasoned team of professionals possesses specialised knowledge in offshore wind energy projects, guaranteeing the precise execution of cable pull-in operations. From meticulous planning to on-site implementation, our experts are dedicated to optimizing every aspect of cable installation.
Advanced Technology Integration
Utilizing state-of-the-art cable pull-in equipment and technology, we enhance efficiency while minimising operational risks. Our advanced tools are specifically designed for offshore environments, ensuring reliability and performance even in challenging conditions.
Customised Solutions
Recognising the unique requirements of each offshore wind farm, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. Whether you are dealing with export cables connecting the wind farm to the grid or inter-array cables linking turbines within the farm, our solutions are designed to maximize functionality and longevity.
Safety First Approach
Safety is paramount in every aspect of our operations. Our cable pull-in services adhere to the highest industry standards, incorporating rigorous safety protocols to protect both personnel and assets. We prioritize a safe working environment, minimizing downtime and ensuring the well-being of all stakeholders involved.
Efficient Project Management
Our comprehensive approach extends beyond the installation phase. We offer end-to-end project management services, overseeing the entire cable pull-in process from planning and design to execution and post-installation monitoring. This integrated approach guarantees a streamlined and efficient project timeline.
Environmental Considerations
Mindful of our environmental impact, we incorporate sustainable practices in our cable pull-in services. From cable route planning to installation techniques, our solutions are designed to minimize disruption to marine ecosystems and adhere to environmental regulations.
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