Cable Installation

23 Degrees has the personnel, experience and equipment to provide safe, quality, on budget and on time shore end cable installation services, either direct or HDD pull ins. Through our combined experience we understand the significance of brining projects in on time and on budget and pride ourselves on this matter.

23D have successfully undertaken a wide range of shore end power cable installations, often in difficult environmental and location specific difficulties around the UK and Europe. Through our combined experience 23D manage both the marine and land elements of shore end pull ins from diving and rov operations through to land civil engineering.

Cable Trencher – Land Cables

23 Degrees have recently invested in a land trencher and tractor for onshore cable burial operations in order to increase safety and efficiency.

  • Automated install of sand / warning board
    and tape / backfill
  • Development of cable box to meet
    client design criteria
  • Number of installation options to
    meet site conditions
  • Pre survey to determine site requirements

Recent activities provided by 23 Degrees include:

• CDM & HSEQ control of all sites
• Project management and pre-engineering
• Pre-Survey offshore and onshore
• Rapid mobilisation and mobilisation to remote locations
• Excavations and reinstatement from 50m to 1,000m+ for direct shore ends
• Equipment layout and site setup
• Winch Pre-checks and set-up
• Winch pre-settings and operation.
• The handover of the cables to the workboats with floats fitted to the product
• Cable Float and winch control from the CLV to landfalls turning quadrants and then to the winch pad location
• Diving and ROV operations
• Management of 2nd end pull ins utilizing up to 5 workboats to manage Omega joints
• Design and installation of TJP and fibre boxes for termination operations
• Post Survey operations
• Cable protection – Cast iron shells / subsea burial / concrete mattresses

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