Currently under construction is our Near Shore Subsea Tracked Trencher which will be deployable from the shoreline or vessel for nearshore and offshore cable burial or deburial, cable tracking, route survey.

The trencher will be ready for deployment late Q1 2021, some highlights include:

  • burial depths of up to 1.5m
  • Burial from 0m to 1,000MSW
  • 150hp
  • Jetter swords hydraulically controlled variable spacing – 100mm to 470mm
  • 2 cameras
  • Burial and repair capability in soils up to 50 kPa undrained shear strength
  • Various cable tracking and detection tools can be fitted
  • Compact delivery system, truck loaded and transportable anywhere in the world.


The system will be ideal to undertake various operations including:

  • Cable trenching and deburial
  • Detection and tracking of buried cables, umbilical and pipelines
  • Burial depth determination and logging
  • Small flexible trenching
  • Visual inspection and recording of seabed, cable/flexible and plant
  • General seabed and route survey
  • Debris clearance


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