Below is a selection of the projects that we have completed. Please contact us should you require further information.

Moyle Interconnector


Appointed owners engineer and offshore installation project manager. The Moyle Interconnector physically links the Scottish and Irish electrical transmission networks. The interconnector is currently operating at half capacity due to faults in the Integrated Return Conductor (IRC) Insulation of the HVDC MI IRC Cable. The Employer will reinstate the Moyle Interconnector to its installed capacity of 500MW by replacement of the two existing integrated return conductors with two separate metallic return conductor (MRC) cables in the sea, each with a typical rating of 1kV by 1000 Amps.  Nexans has been awarded the contract to supply and install the two replacement MRC submarine cables from Port Muck, County Antrim to Currarie Port, South Ayrshire


Appointed owners engineer and offshore principal consultant for Marine works for Intertek Metoc working on behalf of Parsons Brinkerhoff the owner engineers, to deliver the EIRGRID Interconnector cabling system between Ireland and the UK mainland consists of two 500MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) power cable and one Fibre Optic cable for the 186km submarine section between Ireland across the Irish Sea to landfall at in North Wales.

As part of these works a cable storage facility was designed and built.

The EWIP project went live and into Commercial operation on October 1st 2012. (