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23 Degrees Renewables Ltd is a marine consultancy company specialising in HVDC and HVAC submarine cable projects across the range of industry sectors including power transmission, renewable energy, onshore and offshore terminations.


Our services range from HVDC and HVAC Submarine Cable Engineering, Marine Operations and Planning, Cable installation and expert technical support, as well as Cable Stripping and removal Services. Through our sister company Reclaim Subsea ( www.reclaimsubsea.com)

Equipment Hire

We offer a range of hire equipment for the installation of subsea cables and heavy lifting.

  1. 35 ton All terrain crane

  2. Offshore Rhib 33 ft , with cabin for inshore survey and crew transfer

  3. Cable quadrants and rollers

  4. Powered rollers etc.


We bring in-depth knowledge from a broad range of offshore projects including safety, financial, contractual, technical and planning matters,  thereby assisting in the management of quality and risk.

Recent projects

  1. EWIP Interconnector - Principle Consultant

  2. Moyle Interconnector - Principle Consultant

  3. SSE Caithness Moray - OIM

  4. SSE Western Isles- OIM

  5. REDS/Global Rousay Westray - Installation contractor.